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Writing Buttplug Applications

Enough talk, let's get to Buttplugging!

We'll now cover the minimal amount of information needed to get you up and running with the Buttplug Library. Links to extra info will be included throughout, but the most important thing for the moment is to get a first example going. After that, we'll spend the Winning Ways section getting in depth with the full capabilities of the library.

This Ain't Everything

This section will cover the absolute minimum functionality you need to get up and running with Buttplug. However, the library is far more extensive than this section covers. It is recommended you go through this section first, get a simple program up and running with your hardware, then check out the Winning Ways section for advice on how to structure your application and use some of the other features in the library.

Example Code Access

All of the example code in this section, as well as in the rest of the Developer Guide, is available in the github repo for the Dev Guide. This includes both the code itself and sometimes project files (VS Studio projects, Cargo.toml for rust, etc) for building the applications.

We will do our best to keep these as up to date as possible, but if you run into any issues with compatibility or compilation, please file an issue on the dev guide repo.